Thursday, March 30, 2006

Yesterday was the first day I rode to work in more than a week. I had strep throat and just didn't feel like riding until yesterday. Rain was forecast, but the sun was shining at ride time. I got a late start, because I walked the kids to school first. I rode my Raleigh Sprite 3 speed with the Carradice bag. I had a strong tail wind. It was a nice ride.

I got a late start home also. It had turned dark when I left, so I put on all the lights I had and my orange reflective vest. The headwind wasn't too bad.

About 4 miles from home, the rain began. I pulled under an overhang and pulled my new, Campmor poncho out of my saddle bag. I put it on without using the leg ties. I only used the thumb loops. It worked great. I bet I as very visible also especially with the blinking red light on my vest trapped underneath the poncho.

The rain stopped right away. So it wasn't a thorough test of the poncho. I'll have more to report after another use. However in that small amount of time I thought it was comfortable and well ventilated -- especially compared to all the jackets I've ridden with. The wind whipped it around, but not so much that I minded. If I had used the leg loops, I bet it would have blown around much less.

This photo was taken before I put the B66 on it and the Carradice bag. I also built alloy rims onto the existing hubs since this was taken.

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