Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bike Inventory

I've always wanted to create an inventory of my bikes and record the serial numbers, in case one is stolen.

These are most of the bikes that were sitting in the garage when I showed up with motivation and a camera. I missed two of them that were slouching in the corner and there are a few more in the bomb shelter.

Yokota Twin Peaks Tandem - T9108252
Wife's RB2 - 520223
Davidson (I couldn't find the serial number)

Raleigh Sprite - MN02711-131770 (This is hand-etched on the chain guard. I couldn't find a factory SN.)
Novara Buzz - F05031954
Fisher Sugar 293 - WTU013TO 32V
Dahon Helios - TGO111183
Maruishi Wanderer - GH73128
I had this one repainted last winter and it wears mostly new components. I'll install fenders soon. I wish I had a silver rack. If I find a nice one, I'll spring for it.


brother yam said...

surly make a nice rack in silver

Snak Shak said...

I've always liked the Novara Buzz. I came close to buying one when I live in Anchorage, but I went with a Cross Check instead. I think that or the Novara Safari are some of the most versatile rides around - aluminum would make for good winter riding and the disk wheels give some more versatility as well.

Nice stable of bikes, congratulations!