Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tandem Spring

I installed PlanetBike Cascadia fenders and new Schwalbe Big Apple tires on this tandem. My daughter and I ride it. For some reason, we've gotten very wet riding it in the past and I wanted to put a stop to that with the fenders. The fat tires make it ride like it's on a cushion of air, a bigger one than the skinny 1.5" tires it previously had.

We've gone a few rides this Spring and really enjoyed ourselves.

Click to look at the bigger view

The next day, I took my son out on a ride (on the other tandem). He is about 100 lbs of power -- we can really fly. I need to make a few changes to that tandem too. I also need to add a suspension seatpost to both tandems for the comfort of the stokers.

My kids ask me to ride which is nice because I don't want to force bicycling on them. I'd prefer that they come to like bicycling on their own terms. I'll encourage, but not push. My daughter wants to go on two-day fund raiser ride this Summer -- the breast cancer ride. I like her enthusiasm, but I'm not sure I want to take the time to raise all that money. Either way, we'll get in lots of tandem rides this year.