Thursday, April 10, 2008

Menanced by a Goose

My coworker has been attacked by a goose on his last couple of rides into work. The goose guards the entrance to the parking lot and he/she swoops down on him. He says it feels like someone swatting him in the head with a newspaper.

Yesterday, at lunch time, we went in the parking lot to video an attack. My coworker rode his bike near the goose. Another guy used his cell phone to video it. The video didn't turn out good enough for showing, but we laughed for a long time watching a goose trying to get my coworker. Even the smokers on the smoking balcony were laughing. We'll try again with a better camera.

Today, was my first bike ride to work this week. I forgot about the goose and as I entered the parking lot, I heard flapping wings and turned to see a goose flying about 10 feet behind me. I dodged and sprinted. The next time I looked over my shoulder it was closer -- huge wings, red mouth, hissing.

The goose let me go when I reached the door at the far end of the parking lot. I really want a video of this. I took this photo later with my cell phone camera. It does not have video.


Scorpicon said...

That _is_ a menacing goose.

Over here we've got a pack of wild turkeys. They just walk around outside the cafeteria trying to snap their feathers, and singing about jets.

They also appear to be the inspiration for the velociraptors in Jurassic Park. Thankfully, there's a kitchen nearby where I can hide with my sister.

Jerome said...

You totally need to get a video of that! That's my biggest fear while riding a bike, cars, coyotes, dogs, don't freak me out the way that birds do. I sure hope you get a video of it! Cheers.

bikingbrady said...

Agreed...we very much NEED that video!

Eclectchick said...

There are always menacing geese on the trail where I run. I run multiple loops and therefore disturb HRHs The Geese every lap.

The harmless characters sure put on a great act!

P.S. From volunteering at the Wildlife Rehab Clinic, I can tell you it actually DOES hurt if they bite/pinch your skin. Ow.

Jim Thill said...

I have a helmet cam you could try.

Anonymous said...

With our current weather forecast, and my subsequent mood-n-thoughts about said weather forecast, I could come by and you could film me killing it with a Nokian studded tire.

Trust me, I could get it done.


Anonymous said...

After you get the video, perhaps some dog repellent or other pepper spray would be in order. Val

Snakebite said...

Or the goose's natural enemy - Christmas. Hit it with that. Turn it into the Christmas goose.

red rabbit said...

Would you like the use of my Bolivian-Shepard? She can be quite vicious if you explain it is a rat with wings.

Anonymous said...

Those effers have BLACK tongues.

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