Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lots of Misc Photos

I try to take a few photos while on my rides and here's a miscellaneous sample:

This guy is lucky to be alive. I was traveling the same route as him and a couple blocks before this intersection, he was almost hit by a car as he ran a red light. He skidded, the car skidded and they avoided each other by a small margin. I guess he decided to stop at this light.

Minneapolis recently installed public rental bikes all over the city. Here is one of the racks. I pass six of them on my way to work. Some racks have lots of bikes and others are almost empty. I see a few of them on the trails. I'd like to try one someday. They look really sturdy.

I saw this sign and mural behind a restaurant on Lake Street in Minneapolis. Look at the shrimp who appears happy to sacrifice itself for your dinner and the bizarrely shaped bicycle. It says Nike on the seat.

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GrimTim said...

that first guy, is he checking in his shoulder bag for an extra pair of underwear?