Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Collage

For several months, when I upload photos, I get the "float" attribute included automatically, regardless of the layout I chose. I'll have to look up the easy cure for this. I'm tired of removing "float" from the tags.

The Golden City -- not really, it's just Minneapolis at sunrise.

The Saturday Hiawatha Cyclery ride ate at a place with chandeliers. They'll probably be "full" next time we arrive.

Twirly swirly (overly saturated, grass field under stadium lights)

Minneapolis bus speeding through an intersection (probably has cyclists stuck in the wheel wells)

A red Cadillac that caught my eye


Scorpicon said...

Love the photos! I really like the bus shot, it's jarring and beautiful in an urban way.

Doug said...

I love the shots of the old Caddy.