Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Transporting Coffee while using Crutches

The biggest problem with wearing an immobility boot and using crutches is the problem of carrying coffee from the kitchen to my rat's nest (that's what I'm calling the area I've taken over in the TV room). Here's my solution: I pour the fresh coffee in a thermos, put the thermos in a backpack, put the backpack on, then carry it to the rat's nest for drinking.


Snak Shak said...

Sounds cludgy, but results matter more than anything. Get well soon!

Frostbike said...

That's how I do it even without crutches.

Scorpicon said...

This information would have been helpful a couple of months ago when Debra was on her crutches. Way to post this too late, Rob, way to go.

(hope you're healing well)