Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Recovery Status

I had surgery to remove a bone growth from my ankle about six weeks ago. I've been out of the immobilizer boot (a cast you can take off when you want) and walking like a normal person for a couple weeks. I've been taking small bike rides during which I've found riding to be more comfortable than walking. I'm going to start building up the ride distance a little every day.

During the down time, I've continued a couple bike projects. I bought a CETMA 7-Rail rack from a Craig's List seller for $75. It's new. The rack didn't fit her bike so it sat unused. I'm the winner on that one. I have to decide which bike it should go on. I just set the rack on top of this little Bianchi folder (why the hell did I buy that?) and it would fit nicely. I also tried it on my 29er off-road bike and it appears the rack would fit it also. I think the CETMA is very adaptive.

I also have been "normalizing" some of my bikes so I can sell them. For example, I removed the dirt-drop style bars from my Novara Buzz and installed straight bars. It's getting a triple crankset and smooth tires. I hope this makes it attractive to more people. Are you working on any projects right now?


lemmiwinks said...

If you consider stalled projects to be projects I'm working on, then I'm never not working on a project! No bicycle projects right now though. The Indi Hawk busted both seat stays which, I think, explains why you don't see those bikes any more.

I need to fit a hydraulic disk rear brake to my MTB but that's waaay down the list at the moment. I'm just enjoying riding bikes for a while, instead of working on them.

Got a heap of ongoing stuff happening in the garden with an eventual view to hopefully growing lots of food. That's been keeping me very busy.

Snak Shak said...

I have a friend that's interested in a Novara Buzz. If you put that on the market, I might be able to steer a person your way. He's pretty tall, though - about 6 feet or so, so he'd need a pretty big bike.

I have a junker Trek Mountain bike that I am getting to "rideable" for polo duty. One of my goals this year is to give bike polo a go...

GrimTim said...

Glad to hear that you are recovering well.

I just bought a bike from Goodwill that was festooned with strong baskets and I'm making a hunter-gatherer bike with those.