Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn Lunchtime Off-Road Ride

I see a pattern in my life: Each fall, I realize that Autumn lunch time rides are one of my favorite activities. Today, I rode at Theodore Wirth park in Minneapolis.

This was a particularly interesting ride for two reasons: a guy crashed right ahead of me on the trail and probably dislocated his shoulder. I tried to help him, but he managed to walk back on his own and we were not far from the parking lot.

I assume his tires lost traction on some leaves. The leaves are covering the trail and the dirt is dry and hard with lots of shiny roots exposed. 

Then a little while later, I smacked my foot on a trail-side tree and my shoe came off but stayed clipped into the pedal.

1 comment:

GrimTim said...

hopefully your foot isn't in there still.