Wednesday, August 07, 2013

My Knards are Mounted!

Mounting my new Knards was not easy! One of them was a little loose and I had to seat it twice.

I used my crappy air compressor (garage sale for $25). Airing up fat-bike tires three or four times would have killed me if I had to do it with my skinny little floor pump.

I aired them up to a little less than 30 psi (the max printed on the sidewall) and I rode them around the neighborhood. They felt fast, but new equipment almost always feels that way. I stood up and sprinted -- well I consider it a sprint.

I'm really looking forward to riding them off road, especially Elm Creek. I need a do-over on that trail.

1 comment:

Scorpicon said...

Ouch, looks like you've got a surly knard.