Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Pedal Minutia

Warning! Bicycle Hardware Minutia
This post is filled with talk of bicycling hardware. If you're allergic to this type of stuff, please come back in a few days and maybe I'll post something of interest to normal people. I plan to create a graphic to warn people of this type of post in the future.

This is the time of year in which I over analyze my cycling equipment because of the cold weather. Today, I'm nit picking pedals. I installed platform pedals the other day. They're shown in the accompanying photo. I installed PowerGrips and use light-weight pack boots. The boots with thick socks keep my tootsies warm down to about 10 degrees F.

I have some battery heated socks for temps below that. They are wool with a single D cell battery for each side. When I slip my hand in them to test the warming power, I can barely feel the heat, but they make enough difference on my feet to keep me warm.

I keep making tiny adjustments to the angle of the PowerGrips mounting hardware in an attempt to make foot entry easier. Does anyone have any tips for PowerGrips?

Next post: balaclavas

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