Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dirt Drops

I installed the dirt drop bars last Thursday night and rode them Friday and Saturday. That was enough riding for me to know I like them. I wish I could mount them on my 29er. I think that would be ideal. The wide hooks give me plently of power to control the bike, but I'm bent over enough to feel comfortable. When I get another 29er, I'll install dirt drops right away.

I'm also applying shellac over the cotton bar tape. I like the look of shellac. I've applied two coats and am going into the back yard in a minute to apply another. I'll post a photo of the completed bars.

The new stem the bars require uses the correct size bolt that allows me to use my Inoled light mount. This picture shows the setup. The Inoled bolt replaces one of the bolts used to hold the stem face on. It's a really slick arrangement that saves some room on the tops of my bars for my hands. That's why they call them handlebars. Next, I'll try to mount my white blinking LED light on my helmet. My bars will be clutter free.

This bike is starting to look good to me, at least. If this bike didn't have such an ugly saddle, I'd be tempted to put nice fenders on it.


Anonymous said...

That bike looks sweet. Take some more pics please. Also what brand of bars are those?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a fine looking bike.

(Something tells me anonymous up there isn't on the up and up.... just a feeling. )

I think that replacement bolt that actually holds something on is the greatest idea since toast.

Anonymous said...

anonymous is back to see if more pics were posted...on the up and up. Sorry tim if I failed some randonneur hand shake. Sheesh. I love Mariushis, I had a wanderer and miss it everyday. Great bike.

rigtenzin said...

Anon: I'll go around the corner and see what brand they are ...

They have following stuff written on them.
Origin 8
Gary Bar

They cost $19.95 at a local bike shop (Hub Coop in Minneapolis).

I've had the Wanderer in many configurations since buying it in 1993. I really like this setup, but it needs different fenders. The coroplast is getting floppsie. I'll post about that.

LvilleTex said...

yes, more pics. always interested in cool mounts.

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