Thursday, March 29, 2007


My seven-year old daughter was playing with a light saber a few minutes ago and asked me if I knew what Yoda looks like in the shower.

I admitted that I don't know and asked her why she wondered.

She told me all the girls love him because of his big muscles. I felt a little relieved given her answer.


Jim Thill said...

There's a Weird Al song called "Livin' la Vida Yoda" that parodies the Ricky Martin hit. As usual, the Weird Al version is better than the original.

Pooks said...

His ... muscles?

I'm speechless. LOL

Eclectchick said...

I can't stop laughing long enuf to form any kind of comment.

Some of my favorite posts of yours are regarding this or that that your daughter has said or done.

Your daughter needs her own blog.

Matt_J said...

My son told me he likes Yoda because he is 900 years old and can do a triple flip.

rigtenzin said...

My daughter continuously says things that stop me in my tracks. I try not to react and if I later think she needs some guidance, I talk to her.

I let this one go. It seemed innocent enough after she explained it all.

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