Thursday, August 23, 2007

PedalPub Trip in Minneapolis

I rode the PedalPub last night. It's a pedal-powered wagon with seating for 16. About 12 of those riders can pedal. Take a look at the website for better photos. I only had my cell phone camera. I lost the little Canon on my recent vacation. So these photos are kinda crappy.

I stood inside it to get this photo of the back of the driver.

These guys may not want their faces on the internets 'cause some of you are psychos.

Anyway, the city of Minneapolis doesn't allow drinking on this vehicle due to their interpretation of a state law. The PedalPub owner is trying to get that changed. However, the PedalPub is plumbed for a keg. Maybe in the future, they'll allow booze.

We stopped at three bars on our tour of Nicollet Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. Harvey's had the best looking staff by far. Wow!

Kieran's had the grumpiest waitress of the night. She kept giving us dirty looks. Good hire, Manager person!

The best stop was _____. You guess what it was based on this photo.

The PedalPub can be hard work, especially if some of the pedalers are drunk slackers. Because of this, I can now say that downtown Minneapolis is hilly. If you ride the PedalPub, you'll agree.


Frostbike said...

No photos of the Harvey's staff??

Eclectchick said...

The Pedal Pub!! I'm so envious!!!

Jackrabbit Slim said...

I can't access my email right now (Sat the 25th). Let me know if you are up for the Murph race Wed or a ride Tue night.

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