Thursday, September 13, 2007

Hot Sauces

I go through phases of using hot sauces. Right now, I'm on a Cholula kick. I like Cholula because it doesn't have the vinegar taste of those Louisiana style sauces.

This bottle is an extra large 10 incher (250mm for you metric people). I should have put something next to it in the photo for scale.

It's nearly empty. What should I buy next?


brother yam said...

I like Frank's Hot Sauce. It's a Louisiana style sauce, but it doesn't taste of vinegar like Tabasco. Also, I keep a bottle of Bufalo Chipotle sauce at my desk at work. I love the smokey, rich flavor.

Go for the Bufalo, you should be able to find it at any Supermercado around town.

Jerome said...

Have you ever tried Tiger sauce?

It's not too spicy (I like really spicy stuff) but the flavor is really good. It's hard to find here in Canada, so I just picked up 3 bottles last time I was in CA. It have enough of a kick to keep me entertained, yet my friends who are more 'sensitive' to hot stuff can enjoy it too. Great on sandwiches.

I think I'll have to give Cholula a try too. Cheers.

Jeff Moser said...

It's not exotic, but Tapatio seems to be a staple at all the authentic Mexican restaurants around here. I have some in my fridge too.

fob said...

Melinda's XXXtra is my favorite. It doesn't have a vinegar taste. You can get a milder version and hotter version, but I find the XXX just right.

rigtenzin said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I'll try them and report back.


AdamB said...

I know I'm late, but: I keep a bunch of em in rotation, and I just keep coming back to the Frank's RedHot. It's not just heat, but also tang!

Sophzilla said...

That looks like a work desk. Do you keep a bottle for swiggin' throughout the day?

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