Sunday, November 25, 2007

Saturday Offroad Ride

I rode the trail at Theodore Wirth Park on Saturday afternoon. It was really lonely. I saw one other rider. The neighboring golf course was even deserted.

The trail maintainers added a section of obstacles. The park is built on a dump from very long ago. They used some of the old asphalt chunks from a road to build the obstacles. I rode this new section once and avoided it on later laps.

I didn't ride the obstacles again, because I kept thinking of crashing on an asphalt chunk. The last time I fell on asphalt my body hurt so badly that I can still feel it. I was showing my son that I could bunny hop a razor scooter. I launched a couple little jumps and then fell down.

It didn't look like much, but it hurt like much. I might have said a bad word that day.

Anyway, I took these photos to show the long shadows of late afternoon in the fall (via CreepyCam).

I bought a new CreepyCam and I'll take some underwhelming shots with it on this afternoon's ride.


Anonymous said...

I rode there today and encountered the concrete chunks. I said to myself, "so this is what they mean by 'technical'". My technique was to walk my bike past them.

Eclectchick said...

That shadowy picture is a CreepyCam masterpiece. Nice shot!

P.S. Diggin' the spiffy new blog look.

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