Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to Indiana

I'm staying in South Bend, Indiana for work. Here's a local story:

GOP candidate Zirkle addresses Nazi gathering

The people I'm working with here are sure this photo will ruin this candidate's election chances. I hope that's true.


Anonymous said...

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Matt_J said...

I also find this post likable but the real question is, how are the weiners in South Bend??

rigtenzin said...

Frag: Me too find your commentation likeable. Good lucks for de Papel. Enjoyment much is mine.

Matt: I couldn't find any wieners. The downtown area is very nice. I found an Irish bar that is fantastic. If I ever come here again, I'll stay at a hotel near the Irish bar, not in the dive I'm currently staying in.

Sophzilla said...

Your post is going to keep my mind going for much longer than it should? Bigot? Clueless? Pandering? And on and on.

Obama and Clinton seem to be completely ignoring the Nazi party vote. I am sure it will hurt them in the long run.

Smudgemo said...

Hmmmf. Indiana Nazis.
I hate Indiana Nazis.

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