Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Winner (by handicap)

Ms. B wins with 8 bars eaten (10 bars with the handicap figured in).

Ms. B: 8
Mr. C: 2
Mr. Mc: 8

Here are the nutritional figures for those who ate eight bars:

  • 2240 calories
  • 112 grams fat
  • 32 grams protein
  • 8 grams fiber
  • 80 mg cholesterol
  • 280 grams carbs
  • 1120 mg sodium

Mr. C admitted he was just in the contest for a couple free Snickers.


Anonymous said...

I participated to make everyone forget, for a little while, that we soon will resort to boiling our wallpaper because of the coming global shitstorm.

Jeff Moser said...

Whoa. You guys are brave!

You're going to need to ride all day and all night to counter the effects of all that!

lemmiwinks said...

Isn't that an entire days worth of energy intake? I think 2 Snickers would be my limit, just plain old chocolate though, or Toblerones, and I have to be physically restrained.

Scorpicon said...

Nice work, Tim: you were my top choice.

rigtenzin said...

Scorpicon: Hawkins was not in the contest and neither was I.

I think Mr. Mc rode a bunch of miles last night after work. We haven't seen the winner today. She's probably in a cabbage eating contest at some other location.

red rabbit said...

The Mrs. read this with me and she called the winner as soon as she saw her. Mrs. also states that she could easily down 10 snickers bars in the same time that your contestants had (without a handicap)!

Jerome said...

Boy, this sounds like fun. I think I might do this at my office. I would like someone else to pay for the bars through, I think some of the guys I work with would really wolf down a whole wack. BTW - The women should not have a handicap! They want to be liberated don't the? Liberate them then! Equal terms for men and women!

rigtenzin said...

I think the handicap is a good idea, in general, but it was too generous. I don't know Ms. B very well, but I doubt she needs a handicap to compete with anyone.

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