Monday, October 30, 2006

Good Night in Cable, WI

I took a few photos of this past weekend's bike riding at the CAMBA trails in Wisconsin. I'll see what I can post tomorrow.

I had lots of fun and the weather cooperated. We saw a few snow flakes. They only added character to our ride. I'll try to write up a trail review also.

I rode with two nameless cycling friends. We stayed at the Bon Nuit motel in Cable, WI. It was the perfect location sitting in the middle of all the trails.

I think Bon Nuit means, "Hotel with neighbors who don't have mufflers and park in front of the rooms in the middle of the night with their loud engines idling." Or something like that. Cable has an ordinace that prohibits mufflers. We didn't want to get in trouble, so when we drove around, we rolled down the windows and made engine noises with our mouths.

The truth is that I woke up at my usual time: 5 a.m.-ish. As I lay there, I heard someone start up a pickup truck that had no muffler. During the next hour or so that I lay there, I heard lots of mufflerless vehicles pass by.


Doug said...

Good thing it was cold enough to keep the Harley's at home or you would of had the thunderous mufferless noise coming from their engines added into the mix.

rigtenzin said...

Harley sounds: that's another discussion.

Jackrabbit Slim said...

Bon Nuit: French for dirty mattress

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