Friday, November 17, 2006

Lunch Time with the Dogs

I took a lunch time ride today at the dog run near Ft. Snelling. This 29er is great. I'm very familiar with the trails in this area -- to the point of knowing specific rocks by name. I found that with the 29er I could ride over the rocks and their friends the roots much more easily than on my 26" bike. I had more confidence and that led to less toe dabs. Some of these trails are off-camber surfaces with roots and rocks all over. I had less trouble with the difficult sections than I'm used to.

If I could find a time when no dogs were out there, I could rip around a bit more, but I don't want to spoil the fun for others so I ride cautiously.

On Sunday, I'd like to go to Theodore Wirth Park to ride. That'll be a nice test of the 29er.

Note: The rear hub sure does look big. I wonder what happened to it?


Doug said...

OK, I'll bite...It sure does look big, is it the camera angle????

rigtenzin said...

I put a Nexus 8 speed on it. I've had a dream for a couple of years to build a very simple off-road bike that included no suspension and an internally geared hub.

I really like it, although it's pretty early to give it an endorsement. I'm going for a ride today at another very familiar trail. That'll tell me quite a bit. But I still need to ride it in a place with some serious hills (compared to little hills I encounter on my local rides). Too bad Murphy Hanrehan is closed. That hill counts as a serious hill.

Doug said...

I've been enjoying my fixed gear commuter. However, if I ever decided to make a change I would like to try a Nexus 8 speed hub for everyday, all-weather use. Keep us updated on how it works for you...Doug

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