Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Old Post -- Jiggly Fat Fun

I tried to post this last Wednesday, but blogger was not cooperating.
I rode my 29er at Lebanon Hills yesterday. I attended a job-related training class in Eagan during the day and brought my bike knowing we'd complete the training early and I'd have time to ride at Lebanon Hills which is also located in Eagan.

The parking lot was full. It felt like a weekend ride with all the other riders out there.

The 29er (with no suspension, remember) rode great on most of the course, but it beat the snot out of me on some rough sections. These are the sections that have eroded into little cup-shaped depressions and ripples in the dirt. After going through those sections, I felt as if I'd lifted weights and operated a jack hammer. My fat felt all jiggly.

Last Sunday, I rode at Theodore Wirth park and didn't have any of the same complaints. That trail is smoother and I really felt like I was carvin' the course. I felt like I was in a groove and a rhythm at Wirth. I never got a good rhythm at Lebanon. I guess that's the reason for owning more than one bike.

I'm traveling to Omaha for Thanksgiving. They built a mountain bike trail near my in laws' house. I'm bringing the suspension bike to ride that trail. I'll have fun, but no turkey.

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