Thursday, February 08, 2007

Childhood Misconceptions

The subject of childhood misconceptions is funny to me. I've wanted to write about them but haven't had the chance until now.

Number One
The other day, my son told me one of his and now I'm telling you.

He's 10 years old now. He said when he was younger, he thought everything had a soul and that the soul of these things stayed around after the things died.

Based on that, he thought the soul of a corn dog he ate inhabited his closet. It puts some funny pictures in my head and I understand why he was afraid of his closet.

Number Two
My niece thought Santa Claus was Jesus' dad and the angels made the presents.


Eclectchick said...

Great topic!

I had a similar belief as your son's. I thought that all the souls of bugs I stepped on, mosquitoes swatted, etc., kind of orbited me, or existed in a cloud around my head and person. Quite a picture.

There are so many reasons to be afraid of closets when you're a kid . . .

fob said...

Number 2 is a misconception???

Sophzilla said...

The soul of a corn dog. Oh my, that's the funniest! I don't remember any misconceptions. Maybe because I still have them? I will never eat another corn dog.

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