Thursday, April 19, 2007

Novel Ways to be Visible

I'm in the process of creating a list of ways to make
bicyclists more visible.
Aside from conventional headlights, blinking tail
lights and safety vests, what else is there?
Let me know and I'll add them to this list:


Along those same lines, I have an idea to create a
lighting device that makes cyclists
look larger than they already are.

In a brainstorming sort of way, I'd like to invent a device
that would project a halogram
of a semi truck around a cyclist.

Since that's not happening anytime soon, I'm trying to come
up with other ways to get that effect.


Dan said...

I've got Reelights on the front and back of my commuter bike, and they work great.

Jackrabbit Slim said...

dye your hair red!!

I'd like to put something on my wheels like in the movie Grease so that if cars get too close I can send it over to them and drill a hole into it before it mixes me with the pavement.

Matt_J said...

An air horn blaster won't make you visible but it will get you noticed. Here's one that's re-usable, works using compressed air:

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