Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Warning: I Edit my Posts

Do you ever edit your posts after publishing them?

I've been doing it lately. My recent post about the bicycling lighting alternatives was a messy example. The text didn't wrap, I had misspellings, and typos. My hyper links didn't work either. So I fixed it.


Eclectchick said...

Sometimes. Usually cuz I notice numb brained spelling errors, or truly offensive punctuation too late.

Jim Thill said...

I edit when I realize that I may have inadvertently confessed to a crime.

rigtenzin said...

Verdant: But your crimes aren't real. You're like one of those guys who reports to the police station each week and admits to all the unsolved crimes.

Gordy said...

Ah, when you're a moron like me who can't proofread for crap, can't spell crap the first time, and has the grammar of a yooper well, yes, post entry edits a necessity.

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