Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Fuji Special Road Racer is Weird

I measured the Fuji Special Road Racer that I posted about yesterday and it has some strange dimensions:

  • 62cm seat tube (center to center)
  • 54cm top tube

What sort of strangely shaped person was this bike built for?


Jim Thill said...

I have seen a 68 cm Japanese frame that has a 55 cm TT. I also know of an old 1940-ish Bates with a 52 cm ST and a 60 cm TT.

I have read that there was a point in bicycle history when "proportional sizing" became common. Before that, all frame sizes for any particular model had the same length top-tube. The really nice bikes would be equipped with a stem that was proportional to the frame size.

Tuco said...

I guess people of all sizes need bikes. Cannondale is in to this heavily I think - a few years back they built a bike for Shaquille O'Neill, and I just heard that Lebron James bought a % of the company, so they'll probably build him a bike too.

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