Thursday, June 14, 2007

More Followup on Camping

  • I did not find a grilled-cheese sandwich making device. I'll keep looking.
  • I found delicious coffee.
  • I bought a foam pad for my light-weight son. Thermarests are for people who weigh more than a handful of leaves. I have one and it made camping fun. BF (Before Thermarest) I hated camping, because I always felt like a bag of crap the morning after.
  • It was primal, because I feared someone would get hurt by a home-made spear. Instead, while being chased by a home-made spear, one kid fell and landed on a stump. The edge of the tree stump chopped into his leg right above the knee. I saw white stuff inside the gash and fat on the edges. He received 5 internal stitches and 12 external stitches in the Mora Hospital ER. He was back by 2 a.m. Saturday night and enjoyed standing on the shore and watching the canoeing and riding in the shuttle car on Sunday.

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Matt_J said...

But you know what they say, its not a party until somebody ends up at the ER.

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