Thursday, June 28, 2007

River Bottoms

I finally took a bike off road this past Sunday. I rode the Minnesota River bottoms trail. It's so green down there, it's hard to believe. Everything is tinted in green.

The trail includes this stump in the water. It always looks worthy of a photo. I remembered to stop this time, but the CreepyCam was soaked in sweat, because I had it stored in my jersey pocket. So, the effect you see here is the sweat effect. Nice.

I cleaned the little tiny lens and this is what I got. Not much better. I probably would get better results with CreepyCam if I kept the lens cleaner -- no pocket fuzz and no sweat.


Smudgemo said...

There are so many places I'd like to ride my mountain bike were it not for the travel to get there. Looks like another cool place.

Unknown said...

It is beautiful down there. I ride the Bloomington side of it and camp in the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge and have rode the other side down to Black Dog. It's a great place and not too crowded, but there are some nasty nettles once you get off the trails and try to get to the river.

The river seems unbelievably low this year. Maybe we haven't gotten enough rain.

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