Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anti Bike Theft Plan via Treehugger

This anti-bike theft program doesn't sound as satisifying as the one I have in mind, but it's the best thing I've heard of.

The program: cops attach a GPS beacon to a bait bike and allow it to be stolen. Then they track the bike and arrest the thief. It appears to be reducing bike thefts, according to the story.

My buddies and I, who have had bikes stolen, have another idea that involves a bait bike. The next step in our plan is much less high tech than GPS though. Our plan involves a pipe and some violence. I'm not serious, but at some point after having something stolen, those thoughts go through our heads.


Smudgemo said...

Quote: In the year since the program launched, reported bike thefts on-campus dropped slightly to 82, down from 97 thefts in the previous year. When a UAB member asked whether the drops in bike thefts since 2004 (when 168 bikes where stolen) could be caused by fewer people reporting their bikes being stolen, Franchi said that increased patrols and arrests were likely factors.

So they spent a truckload of money to save nine bikes worth $200-$300 each? Wouldn't spending less money on lockable bike storage like here in Oakland be more effective AND longer-lived? (
Heck, it would be cheaper just to give out new bikes when they get stolen.

Smudgemo said...

Sorry, that link is:

brother yam said...

Hell, wouldn't it be cheaper to make sure that everyone gets a good lock and somewhere safe to attach it?

Jeff Moser said...

I like the pipe and violence solution. Sounds cheap. Tell me more...

Anonymous said...

There is much opportunity for payback to be had by policing ebay and craigslist:

Anonymous said...

excuse me,
that link should be

rigtenzin said...

My bait bike program:

1. Drink whiskey.
2. Place a nice bike in a bike rack located in a high-theft area.
3. Hide in bushes with pipe.
4. When thief comes to steal bike, beat thief with pipe.
5. Call ambulance.
6. Run away.

I would never advocate violence like this, but it crosses my mind when I get worked up about a bike theft.

StevenCX said...

I'm down with the pipe. Let's use it on the asses who are throwing glass on the greenway too!

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