Thursday, December 13, 2007

SPAM Email Subject Lines

I just read an informative article about the source of spam email on the BBC website. I've read a few articles about bots, but I imagined a larger-scale system. The article shows how spamming is also a cottage industry. That sounds nice doesn't it?

The article tracks spam to it's source, at least in one case.

Of course, I receive spam email and some of the subject lines catch my eye. Here are a few of them and they are not safe for work.


"Hey cat dick!"
"Set your lassie on fire with your giant new rod!"

Insert your own Rodney Dangerfield-style comebacks to these, for extra fun.


brother yam said...

I deal with this every day here in meatspace. What I like to do is to take the Subject: lines and arrange them into Dada-like poems.

Usually late at night and after several beers.

Jeff Moser said...

I do email security at work. For 800 employees we receive up to 600,000 emails per week...90% or more of it is spam! So much of it is for the male enhancement crap. There are a zillion different variations of it too.

Not sure what I'd do if I met one of these spammers in person. Probably use similar techniques to your anti-bike theft program!

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