Saturday, December 08, 2007

Saturday HC Ride

I have no photos from today's HC ride. With all the shivering going on, I didn't think about digging out the camera. The temperature was about 0 degrees F. Seven riders made it and we had fun.

CRC Coffee Shop was closed so we went a block or so north to the Beanery or something like that. It's a nice place. They have plenty of room and good stuff to eat and drink.

Here's a photo of our gingerbread house project. My son had a birthday party last night (11 years old) and this is what he wanted to do. We built these and went sledding. None of the birthday guests wanted to leave the sled hill even though each one of them had at least one frozen body part. I think most of them got hurt once or twice also. But they always shake it off and sled again.


Sophzilla said...

What a cool birthday party activity! Leave it to J!

Eclectchick said...

Good for y'all! I was not so hardy and camped out for a couple of hours on the trainer in front of a French film. :-D

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