Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coaster Brake Hub

I'm starting to get the old Hiawatha coaster brake bike put together. I disassembled the rear wheel and saved only the hub. The rim was doinked and the spokes were corroded.

I've never heard of the hub brand before: KonneA(?). Have you? It looks like a German word, but it doesn't have a "Made in XXX" anywhere.

I think the lubrication port is really nice. It looks like the hat the Tin Man wore.

It appears to be nicely made and it spins forever when I turn it with my hands. I've never found a smoother coaster brake hub. I just need some spokes and I'll get this bike running.


MichaelK said...

It's a Komet Super I believe... page 137 in my Glenn's.

Scorpicon said...

Everything points to it being a Komet Super. I have no idea how you get a "t" out of that thing at the end though.

And as usual, nice photos!

rigtenzin said...

I get the award for an inability to read. Thanks. I can clearly see the word is Komet. I bet the Kogswell guys would like that, I mean comet spelled with a K.

I literally have some new glasses on order.

Matt_J said...

Such wonderful lighting.

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