Monday, February 04, 2008

Kill Clouseau!

Here's an article about New Mexico's supercomputer. A coworker wondered why a state needs a supercomputer.

Well, I've got the answer.

Bill Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, is mad because he didn’t get the Democratic nomination. He’s a diabolical genius intent on ruling the world. His first plan was foiled, so he's moved onto plan B.

Plan B consists of gaining control of the Internet using the New Mexico supercomputer. After he controls the Internet, he'll take control of the world. Did you see the Pink Panther movies in which Chief Inspector Dreyfuss goes crazy and tries to take over the world? – similar situation. I can see Richardson wearing a cape, playing an giant organ right now.

Richardson even resembles Dreyfuss a little.

The question is: who is his Clouseau?

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Jackrabbit Slim said...

I imagine Allen "I'm not gay, no seriously guys!!" G______ taking him to task for such tom-foolery. BGA would make an excellent Richardson nemisis.

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