Monday, February 11, 2008

Komet Hub Identified

I found a bit more information about the coaster brake hub I mentioned in a recent post.

Thanks to those of you who helped me read the logo correctly. If my kids knew about the gaffe I made, they'd tease me. I mistook the word Komet for KonneA.

Anyway, the F&S.C stands for Fichtel & Sachs. The font used on the coaster brake arm is clearly the same as seen on other Sachs hubs. To see more, scroll down the page in this link to see the Torpedo logo.

I have saved in my RSS feeds. It's the site where I found this information.

Thanks to MichaelK for the tip on Glenn's Complete Bicycle Manual. I've wanted to find a copy of that for years. I'll order one. I checked it out a few times from the library as a kid. I'll probably get all nostalgic after receiving it and buy a rusty Varsity.


Anonymous said...

We have a Glenn's manual in our lending library at HC.

Eclectchick said...

Komet v. KonneA. Ha. Kind of a looking for zebras, Akham's razor thing, eh?

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