Sunday, May 04, 2008

2008 Minneapolis May Day Parade

My family and I watched the 2008 May Day Parade in Minneapolis. The parade had lots of things to focus on. To simplify things, I chose bikes and politics. Today, I uploaded the notable bike photos. Before the parade came through, the bicyclists rode up and down Bloomington Avenue.

When this was taken, this bike was moving from left to right.

Lots of tall bikes

A bicycle in disguise as an H2

This one is probably a great winter machine

This is my favorite bike photo of the day. Click on it to see a larger version.


Neza S.G. said...

Nice Motion shots...I have photos of MayDay on my blog too.

The Rock and Roll Gardener

Ruby Leigh said...

I feel like you saw a lot more bikes than I did! Thanks for capturing them.

red rabbit said...

What a cool tandem! Very cool photos as well.

I miss the Mayday parade. Folks in Anchorage don't seem to put out the effort MLPS does.

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