Friday, May 23, 2008

Crowded Trails

Do you think gas prices are effecting people's transportation choices?

The bike trails are crowded in some places. The other day, I rode home at rush hour instead of my usual earlier time. I had to follow a group of about seven cyclists going up the Martin Sabo Bicycle Bridge. It was a real eye opener. Things are changing.

Lots of causes have led to this change and it's just the beginning. I don't attribute this solely to gas prices. Lots of people are trying to pollute less and the weather is perfect right now in Minnesota. If you're not going to ride in weather like this, you never will. We have lots of useful local bike trails too -- a few of them are crap, but most are the kind that get people away from cars. I think that's what most riders want.

The point of this post is not trails though. My point is lots more people are riding bikes now and we're going to experience growing pains. More cyclists will be hit by cars. More car drivers will hate cyclists, because they have to share the road with slow moving vehicles.

What other "growing pains" do you foresee with the increase in bicycle commuting?


Jim Thill said...

At the beginning, a lot of new cyclists will be dragging the car culture baggage onto the bike paths. Path rage will become more common, but will eventually subside once people realize they aren't in the steel cage anymore.

I foresee that there will be gaps in the employment market when people who live in Chaska no longer want to work in St Paul.

Matt_J said...

It can only be a good thing that cycling becomes demystified. Cars will start to see bikes because the drivers themselves ride.

red rabbit said...

I look forward to knowing people by their scents, natural or amplified (e.g. jim thill's KARATE! scent).

Also, I forsee fisticuffs over bike parking spots until we start replacing car space with bike space.

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