Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tandem Riding with Kids

For years, I've looked forward to riding my tandem with my kids. They grew to the right size more quickly than I expected. I've been running errands with them on the tandem. We make lots of little trips to soccer fields, piano, and school. It's a waste to use a car on such short distances.

So this is our family commuter. I have two kids. If we had two tandems, we could travel as a four-person family on two bikes. Cool.

The kids like to be seen on it. I'm sure that'll change someday, but I'll enjoy it for now.

Because today's schedule was especially full of these short trips for kid events, I've got five bike trips under my belt right now and another before I'm done.


red rabbit said... more spicy food aye??

rigtenzin said...

Red Rabbit: If you're referring to farting in the face of the stoker -- it's not allowed regardless of your diet. Spicy food doesn't make me fart, but raisins do.

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