Thursday, June 14, 2012

2012 Brewfarm Event

I'm signed up to ride to the 2012 Brewfarm event. This is a great opportunity to go bike camping. I've always wanted to try it and this will be a painless way to try it. I'll carry my own camping on my bike and rely on the Brewfarm event for food.

If I like bike camping, I'll try it on my own, without the other riders and rely on myself for food.

It seems funny to me that when I started riding as a teen, I wanted to be a bike tourist, but never got around to it. Now, I'm 49 and planning a one-night tour.

I'll do my best to take photos and brag.


Pondero said...

Perfect introduction, can't wait for the the post event report.

I talk like I want to tour, but have only managed several one-nighters (which I enjoyed thoroughly). I'm interested in your perspective on how things go.

lemmiwinks said...

Look forward to the report. I went bicycle touring with some friends a few years back, only overnight but it was fairly remote so we had to tote our own food. It was great fun but I haven't managed to do another trip since.