Thursday, June 28, 2012

Photo of Stormy Skies

This is a view I see on one of my routes to work. The company I work for recently moved to a building attached to the copper-colored building in distance. It looks like a long way from where the photo was taken, but it's probably only a couple miles. Perspective is everything.

If I ride directly to work, it's a five miler. But this route is 10 and much better because it involves some nature. Last week, I fixed a woman's flat tire on this route.

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Frostbike said...

My dad used to work in that copper colored building when I was a kid. We used to visit him there sometimes.

My best friend used to work at the Holiday Inn Express that's attached. And my brother in law worked there for a while too.

I can now see that building from the front window of my house. It's strange how things like that keep cropping up in different contexts.