Wednesday, October 10, 2012

'73 Raleigh Super Course Completed

Note to GrimmTim: Yes, if the guy who moderates this blog would perform his moderation duties in a timely manner, this would be more fun.

Anyway, this is the Raleigh Super Course with all the modifications I felt it needed:
1. Narrow saddle (some kinda Brooks knock off)
2. Drop bars (Nitto deep drops)
3. French brake levers (Mafac)
4. New cables
5. Non-plastic shift levers (Suntour ratcheting)
6. Non-plastic rear derailleur (Huret)
7. Double-sided pedals (MKS)
8. Foofy saddle bag (Frost River)
9. New tires (Michelin World Tour)
10. Fenders (White Somas that look like Blumels)

It rides really nicely and I enjoy it. It seems like the right bike to ride around in the fall.

I forgot to mention that this is my third brown bike in three years. Does that count as a poop reference?


David Crowell said...

Nice bike!

Oh, and POOP!

David Crowell said...

Are the "non-aero" brake levers manufactured anymore, or is this strictly an eBay and parts bin thing?

rigtenzin said...

The non-aero levers are from a local shop's parts bin --$8! What deal, except I had to repair the hoods with some rubber cement. Don't look too closely at them.

I've seen some levers at Velo Orange and Rivendell in the past. I'm tempted to buy some. I have other non-aero levers, but none that matched the bike as well as these. Actually, I have several Mafacs -- but they are all the kind that fit people with large hands. These are short reach for my girlish sized paws.

The ebay prices are a disaster lately.

GrimTim said...

Does non-aero mean that the cable comes out of the top? what store did you find them at?

rigtenzin said...


Yes, non-aero brake levers are the kind with the cables coming out of the top.

I go to The Hub Coop on Minnehaha and Lake. I love digging through the drawers. Although its seems there isn't as much good stuff as in the past. Maybe it's seasonal.

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