Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Problem Solvers Products

I read the Problem Solvers blog and usually discover the cure for a problem that my bikes don't have. I wish I had more bike problems just so I could use some of their products. They show lots of smart solutions in their blog that are not their products, so their blog is not just a shill site.

One item I wish I had known about is the front brake cable hanger Problem Solvers sells. I bought the Paul Components version and it's really nice, as all most all Paul Components are, but I bet the Problem Solver version is much cheaper.

I have fun browsing both the Paul and Problem Solvers websites for little gadgets that make things work better.
For example, behold this headset spacer/locknut combo gizmo:


GrimTim said...

Thanks for those links. Great material on both of them. You really make it hard to comment.

rigtenzin said...

What makes commenting difficult? I need to know because I have troubles with some sites like ones that want me to allow access to my contacts, for example. That's a no-go.

GrimTim said...

I guess the amount of work involved makes it difficult (solve the captcha, and login to my google account) and then not have the satisfaction of seeing my words right away. I always fail the captcha at least once and sometimes I don't make it back after logging into google.

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