Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book review: Joy Ride

I recently completed reading "Joy Ride" by Mia Birk. Mia served as the Portland Bicycle Coordinator in the past and this book tells lots of short stories about what she encountered as she worked to add bicycling infrastructure in Portland and later as a consultant.

The book is definitely worth reading if you have an interest in bicycling infrastructure like bike lanes, bike trails, bike boxes, etc.

The most striking thing I can say about the book is that it caused me to be mindful and thankful of the hard work that's been put for me and other cyclists by people like Mia Birk. They've worked their butts off to make cycling more accessible and safer. Thanks.

I can loan you the book if you are one of those two readers who lives nearby. If you are the third reader who lives out of town, too bad. I'm not mailing it to you.


GrimTim said...

by "out of town" do you mean st. paul?

hey! where'd the captcha go?

rigtenzin said...

Tim, you are the person I had in mind when I made the offer to loan the book. The other person lives in Minneapolis and has a name that rhymes with Peeve.

Snakebite said...

Not loaning books to people from out of town?!? Discrimination!!! I blame Peeve.

lemmiwinks said...

I don't even live in the same hemisphere but that's OK, I'm not angling to borrow the book.

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