Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Electric Cars

I just read an article in the Star Tribune about an electric car manufacturer right here in Minnesota: I tried to find a website for the Classic Golf Car Company, but I had no luck using google and ask. I tried a couple search terms, but no direct hits on the company's website -- if they have one. It's difficult to tell if they have a website given the strange rankings of the search engines. Lots of businesses run by people who aren't into computers don't have useful, effective websites or even a site at all.

I've tried to keep up on electric powered vehicles. I find them very interesting. I've also looked into electric bikes and trikes. I think that's a good way to go for some people. I'm attracted to those. If I had one that could get me to work at 25 mph including pedaling, I think it would be great. Motor scooters are also interesting, even gas-powered ones. At least they use a lot less gasoline than a conventional automobile.

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