Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nice Weather Makes for Nice Riding

I've had some excellent rides lately. Last Saturday, I rode with the Hiawatha Cyclery guys. It was a nice, friendly ride. There were lots of different styles of bikes. We stopped at a coffee shop afterwards. That gave my toes a chance to warm up.

On Sunday, I rode the Davidson road bike for the first time. It rides wonderfully. I think I want to get a taller stem to raise the bars and a different saddle, but other than that, it's right on.

I skipped riding on Monday to allow my knee to recuperate. Today, I rode the atb/commuter to work. I cleaned it last night and it's running quite well with a set of 1.5" Ritchey street tires on it. I find that my shoulder hurts more on upright bars than on drop bars. That isn't what I expected.

Between my knee problems and my shoulder problems, I'm a mess. Well, at least I can manage them and keep riding.

Gotta get more photos up here. Maybe tonight. This one is a picture of the atb/commuter. I borrowed a coworker's camera to take the photo. I need a small camera so I can take it with me on all bike rides.


Sophzilla said...

I think you'll have to put in a glossary for those of us who think of bikes in three ways: with training tires, 10-speed, mountain bike. Oh, and with/without banana seat! :) You might like my friend Marjie's blog. She's a triathlete and wrote all about her bike trip in Texas. Something called Hell Week. If it were me, I would avoid such a named event.

Sophzilla said...

Oh, the URL might be helpful: eclectchick.blogspot.com

Bidoso said...

Nice bike.

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