Thursday, April 06, 2006

This bike is a sow

Imagine a sow laying in it's pen. It's so fat and old that it can only move with difficulty. When it does move, it's not graceful in any way. That's how I think of the bike I rode to work today.

It still has knobby tires on it from winter riding. The headset is notchy (yes, I know, brinnelling) so it fights me when I steer. I felt as if I wallowed to work. I need to fix this machine. I can change the tires and rotate one of the pressed-in headset cups. I may need to buy a new headset. That would hurt though, because I'm a real cheapo. I need to post a photo of this bike. It has a blue ATB frame, yellow fenders, and a red fork. It's a useful eyesore that needs a little work.

I just remembered it also needs some work on the shifters. I installed some of those cheapo Sun Race friction shifters last fall and they regularly slip. The cables and housing are the right length and I've cranked down on the friction bolt, but it still slips. I should swap the shifters for something more effective. A trip to ebay may help. I want friction shifters so I can swap wheels and not worry about having 9 speed or 7 speed or whatever.

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