Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It rained last night. That brings out the worms. They were all over the roads and paths. It was ugly. I always imagine that one of them will stick to my tire and then the tire will fling it into my mouth. That's the reason I use fenders on my bike. I try to keep my mouth closed, but you never know when one of those little beasts will fly off the tire. Sure that's irrational, but it's not like I believe in [insert your irrational belief here].

A bumper sticker made me laugh, "I'm pro-accordion and I vote." It was styled like the "I'm Pro-Choice and I vote" ones that have been plaguing the bumpers of innocent cars for years. Acutally, I don't remember if the original bumper sticker was pro-choice or pro-life. It doesn't really matter, because the mocking bumper sticker works.

Claire wore her hillbilly teeth to school yesterday. She said everyone laughed and that Asher's were even uglier. I assume she meant Asher has his own set of play hillbilly teeth. I've seen the kid and his teeth look fine. It's difficult for me to imagine that Asher's play teeth are worse though, because Claire's have bloody gums. That's really bothersome to think about.

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Sophzilla said...

Oh my gosh. That Claire! Maybe she should have the nickname, Bloodygums. That will be really good when she gets to be, say, 14 years old -- yelling down the grocery aisle, "Bloodygums, grab a loaf of bread, would you?"

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