Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Wants My Five Grand!

I read that McCain has proposed some ideas to improve energy efficiency for transportation:

"The Arizona senator proposed a $300 million prize for whoever can develop a better automobile battery, and $5,000 tax credits for consumers who buy new zero-emission vehicles."

Because bikes are zero-emission vehicles, how about if my next bike purchase is eligible for the tax credit?

I'd have a difficult time buying a bike over $5000, but some of you fancy pants could spend $5000 and not even have the bike fully equipped. If this sort of tax credit became reality, what bike would you buy that would eat up that $5000? I'd start with that sweet Schwinn Continental sitting on the Hiawatha Cyclery showroom. I'd have $4900 left to spend. How about a Surly Big Dummy equipped with a Stokemonkey.

I'm just dreaming though. Tax credits will never be applied to bicycle purchases. These proposals are intended for the traditional auto industry.


amidnightrider said...

Knowing the history of McCain and his party, there is someone they already have this 300 millions promised to.

lemmiwinks said...

I wonder if Cobasys will be encouraged to get off their patents? Nah, I doubt it.

rigtenzin said...

Limmiwinks: I read the wikipedia entry on Cobasys. It reminds me of the same monopolistic practices that ruined street cars in the U.S.

lemmiwinks said...

Yep, I doubt even $300 mil would tempt them off such a patent. My only solace is that hopefully lithium batteries will allow users to leap frog Cobasys' technology and thus screw them over in whatever tiny, insignificant way.

What happened to the street cars was criminal.

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