Monday, June 23, 2008

Saturday HC Ride

Last Saturday's Hiawatha Cyclery ride took us through lots of alleys. Some of them are in really bad condition -- more like dirt roads than alleys. That's another sign of crumbling infrastructure. We heard that term every day after the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis, but I don't hear about it much lately. Now, were talking about oil speculators and off-shore drilling. Watching current events is fun.

Anyway, back to the ride. I love art cars. Here's a late model VW bug. CreepyCam disappoints, but you get the idea.
How about art bikes? Got any ideas?

We stopped at the Hard Times Cafe. I think there at least 10 riders. When we left the Hard Times, we ran into more riders on bikes like ours (fenders, lights, baskets and bags, etc.). It was a mutual love fest of comparing bikes and bike parts.

I finished the ride just in time to meet my daughter at soccer practice. The coach was running them pretty hard. He's got a British accent and everything he tells them sounds like sarcasm. How would you like to have Basil Fawlty for your soccer coach?

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