Monday, June 11, 2007

Camping and Canoeing

I'm going camping this weekend. It's our third Father-Son Camping and Canoe Trip. I brought out all the camping gear and I need to go grocery shopping. I'd like to buy another sleeping pad -- one for my son. I'm tired of hauling the air mattress and pump around.
I'd also like a set of those things that hold a sandwich in place for grilling over the fire. A grilled cheese sandwich sounds really nice. This would also allow a little bit of toast heaven while camping.
By the way, this is car camping.
The most important part of camping is making sure the coffee fixin's are ready. I tested my little camp stove by making this morning's coffee on it outside in the back yard. I use an Italian espresso pot over the open flame. It tastes different, but it's very good in a raw, untamed way. I also need to buy ground coffee fresh from a local coffee place.
So I need to go to a camping supply place, a coffee shop, and the grocery store.


Jeff Moser said...

My son has a therma-rest. I'm going to get one this year too. Seems more comfortable than it looks! I love camp coffee too. Very full flavored. And you get grounds in your teeth.

Eclectchick said...

Ooo, get one of those sandwich/pie things you hold over the fire. I remember these from when I was a kid.

Like this:

Unknown said...

Yes, Therma-rests are worth every penny. I think Campmor still sells generic versions that are as good, but I've tried the $30.00 Target matress pads and they just aren't in the same league.

I was surprised, but the Thermarests are absolutely as good as people claim them to be. $60.00 a pop, but the comfort makes up for it in the long run.

There is nothing like a coffee as the sun comes up. I use an $10.00 Esbit stove and Esbit solid fuel and a small French Press. The Esbit won't bring the water to a full-on boil, but it does fine for me.

Frostbike said...

I went camping with the Brownie troop the first weekend in June. The menu was already determined before I signed on (hot dogs and chips for dinner; cereal and poptarts for breakfast) and didn't require any cooking utensils. I brought my single burner propane stove and coffee pot and made coffee in the morning. Near heaven.

I've got one of those sandwich things too, if you need.

Jerome said...

Good on you for doing those father son camping trips. My dad and I did them from the time I was 4, finish up with a deep sea fishing trip in Florida when I was 18. Great to see. I'm waiting until my boys are a fews years older and I'm going to do the same thing. Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

J&S Bean Factory off of Snelling in St Paul, the best coffee ever. I mean ever. A Half-Pound of Farmer2Farmer French Roast Guatemala ground for a steam machine should make camping something close to Nirvana. I miss the twin cities. Have fun.

Pooks said...

I take a queen-sized air mattress and spread an open, thick old sleeping bag across it. Then I put a flannel sheet on it and make it up like a bed, with our pillows, and then another open sleeping bag on top, then a blanket. (We camp in Colorado so it's cold at night.)

Yes, this is totally ridiculous but it is so comfy and cuddly and warm....

I'm taking my French press with me on our next trip which is -- soon. Very soon.

rigtenzin said...

I thought the pump-up style of air mattress was the best until I realized I always ended up with someone slamming into me all night. The lighter person on the mattress tends to roll into the depression caused by the heavier person.

I suppose everyone should have their own mattress.

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