Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Netflix Flicks

I finally signed up for Netflix and this is the first movie I returned: The Fog of War. It's a great documentary. I feel like the topics covered are so important that I should spend time learning more about the questions the film raised.
  • U.S. build up in Vietnam
  • Firebombing of Japanese Cities in WWII
  • The World Bank
  • Curtis Lemay
  • I also watched American Movie. I felt depressed after watching it. I'm still thinking about it and don't know what else to say.


Jim Thill said...

I really liked American Movie. That guy was like a lot of people I knew in high school in some ways. He went on to become a regular guest on Letterman, which was usually hilarious.

brother yam said...

I thought that "American Movie" was absolutely hilarious. I'm not so sure that it wasn't a mock-umentary.

Anonymous said...

American Movie was great. I liked how is snotty brother got his comeuppance.

rigtenzin said...

American Movie left me depressed. I kept thinking about his friend Mike who burned out his brain on acid (a tab dipped in PCP with a little downer). I knew some guys who did that. I liked that the main character took care of his uncle. I wasn't sure if he was in it for the inheritance or not, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

Sophzilla said...

Netflix is the best! Fog of War is in my queue. I won't be watching it if I'm at all mopey. Sophie Scholl is like that, too. Awesome movie, depressing and in German (bonus!).

Anonymous said...

Errol Morris, who made Fog of War has a great series of posts about a pair of famous historical photographs
Which Came First part 1

I love the way he dives into a subject.

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