Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Odds and Ends

Yesterday, an MTC bus cut me off. I passed the same bus a couple blocks later and took a cell-phone photo of it. When I got to work, I submitted a complaint using the MTC website. I requested that they contact me. If I hear from them again, I'll mention it here.

I replaced the batteries in my flashing lights last night. What a huge difference it made! I thought they looked OK, but decided to replace them anyway to see if I noticed a difference in brightness. I think the brightness dims so gradually over the course of a few weeks that I don't notice how dim they become. I've tried to think of a way to prevent this and install batteries before it becomes an issue. I'm going to write the date I replaced the batteries on a piece of tape and stick it on one of the lights. That will give me an idea how long the batteries have been in there.
If anyone has other ideas for remembering when to change batteries in the flashing bike lights, let me know.

I was a little late riding in this morning and saw a nice sunrise.
Sunrise over I-35W and Industrial Blvd.


Jeff Moser said...

Everyone glorifies public transportation, but I've also almost been taken out by a bus! It's like they have a route and a deadline, and you'd better not be in their way.

Anonymous said...

I've also posted the date I last changed my batteries as a reminder. But I generally just pull the batteries every so often and test them to see what kind of charge they have left. As soon as one or the other (I've got two on my blinkers) begins to fade (<1.25V), I replace them.

Frostbike said...

Change your batteries whenever we reset the clocks (spring ahead, fall behind).

rigtenzin said...

Most bus drivers are very safe, but there are a couple of them who drive the bus like it's a sports car. I used to ride the bus regularly and I felt neasea when I rode with one of those guys.

I'll try my multitester to test the remaining power. That's worth the effort.

rigtenzin said...

I meant nausea.

Matt_J said...

I got cut off by a bus a couple of months ago. I braked and turned and ran into the door, and then I started pounding on the door with my fist. The bus driver honked his horn and kept driving. When I got to the train station I saw that I had cut my hand pretty bad on some sharp edge on the door.

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